The 2021 Volvo Recharge Plug-In Hybrid is the XC40, and there are many things to love about this vehicle.

For starters, the designers took extra time creating the layout for the interior. There are many nice designs and signature designs throughout the vehicle. This wonderful design translates to the outside of the vehicle, too, with the way the headlights and back brake lights are positioned. Speaking of headlights and brake lights, all of the outside lights or LED, and the headlamps can be used at night and during the day. Moreover, there are several sets of lights within the vehicle for everyone's convenience. You can come and visit us any time at Faulkner Volvo Cars Trevose to see even more details.

The 2021 Volvo Recharge Plug-In Hybrid operates on a gas-system-shutdown. Whenever the car comes to a complete stop, like while at a red light or pulling to the side of the road, the engine, both the gasoline engine and the electric motor, will turn off. This means you are not only saving when it comes to traditional gasoline and buying gas, but you will also be saving on recharging your vehicle. While the vehicle is stopped, extra accessories like navigation will work through saved energy. You can see how this works in person by visiting our team in Trevose, PA.

When the vehicle takes off, it will be running on pure electricity, and the vehicle is able to sustain this for almost 25 mph. At which time, the electricity and the gas will work together to the driver the ultimate XC40 experience. A big part of that experience is witnessing the amazing acceleration of the 2021 Volvo Recharge Plug-In Hybrid as it goes from 0-60 mph in just a few short seconds. People from Trevose, PA are always in and out test-driving our vehicles.

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