The International Student Program

Getting a Vehicle as an International Student is Easy When You Choose Volvo

The International Student Program offers vehicles to students who are doing international programs in the United States but are looking to be able to have their own vehicle. It isn't surprising that many people look forward to driving a Volvo, their performance is impressive and the interiors are comfortable, which is why this program only takes a few simple steps to get started.  After verification with some essential documents, you can find a dealer and eligible vehicles for you to choose from; after choosing the vehicle, Volvo Financial Services discusses options and the one-time payment for your lease, then you turn the vehicle when your term is over: no hassle involved.

You can appreciate the included maintenance and insurance and that no U.S. Credit History is needed. We know that studying internationally might put a lot of stress on you, and we want to make sure your vehicle will never be a source of that stress. We look forward to helping you get started, giving you the most time to focus on your schoolwork instead of having to worry about the reliability of a vehicle.

Step 1: Verify your eligibility

Step 2: Locate a dealer

Step 3: Select your vehicle
Make sure you have your driver's license, U.S. school enrollment letter, and valid passport from participating countries.1 Find a dealer near you. If unsure about your local ZIP code, use your university'sChoose any eligible vehicle from current dealer stock.  

Step 4: Submit required documentation at the dealer
Step 5: Enjoy your new Volvo
Step 6: Turn in  your car
Once your Volvo Car Financial Services Lease application and eligibility documents are approved, discuss mileage plans and make your one-time payment. 
At the end of your term, turn your car into your local Volvo dealer without any hassle.

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